Ode To A Time Long Gone

by Eclipse Eternal

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Album: The Essence of Hopelessness
Recorded at Glen Drover's Eclipse Studios


Ode To A Time Long Gone

Can you hear the voices on the wind
Can you feel their despair
They cry for us, for our loss
For we will never know the pride they felt
The strength, the honour
We were born too late
We walk these lands yet strangers we feel
These are not our lands yet our fates they will seal
Upon this soil our generations die
Yet still our hearts in longing eastward lie
Dying inside, dying...
Broken from years of life without living
Dying from the inside but never forgetting
Who we were before they came
The cross, the book, the defeat and shame
Now we long to see the mountains,
To walk the forests of old,
To feel the heat of the hearth and the purity of the cold
To hear the call of the wolf and the raven's mournful cry
To feel the depth of our history and get lost in the night sky
The great hunt visits us in our dreams
The baying of hounds, the sound of screams
But always the victorious shouts turn to cries of pain
As we witness our ancestors get cut down again
When was it that the bonds were broken?
How was it that we lost our way?
Stabbed from behind by traitors, once kin
Our lands taken and conquered from within
When we wake, the emptiness we feel
What we were is gone, there's nothing left for them to steal
Too far we've gone, the end we've seen
The world keeps turning yet our time's already been
Young we are in body yet old we are in mind
Cold we are in inside, emptiness is all we find
We stare at the open endless sea,
we wait for the longboats
That have long since sailed,
to take us back to a time that is long gone
We wait till our bones turn to dust
and yet we wait
My brothers and sisters come stand beside me
And bear witness—the end of (our) days


released January 14, 2012
Eclipse Eternal



all rights reserved


Eclipse Eternal Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Black Metal band created in 1999, recorded 4 albums in total. "Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire", "Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species", "The Essence of Hopelessness" and the forthcoming final album, "Nostalgia" which will be available here in early 2017. Eclipse Eternal is Voldamares (Vocals), Lord Abaddon (Guitars), Wulfgar (Drums), Carver (Keys), Orcus (Bass) ... more

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