Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species (2008)

by Eclipse Eternal

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    Second full length now out of print CD by Canadian Black Metal band Eclipse Eternal.
    Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom and Patrik Sten at Studio Fredman in Sweden

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Recorded at ESP Studios 2016
Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom and Patrik Sten at Studio Fredman in Sweden

Lineup on album:

Voldamares - Vocals
Lord Abaddon: Guitars
Wulfgar - Drums
Trazomback (now Carver) - orchestrations
Rose Sodomy - Bass


released January 11, 2017

Additional Orchestrations by Gemisis on "Into Black Abyss"



all rights reserved


Eclipse Eternal Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Black Metal band created in 1999, recorded 4 albums in total. "Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire", "Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species", "The Essence of Hopelessness" and the forthcoming final album, "Nostalgia" which will be available here in early 2017. Eclipse Eternal is Voldamares (Vocals), Lord Abaddon (Guitars), Wulfgar (Drums), Carver (Keys), Orcus (Bass) ... more

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Track Name: Nihilistic Contempt For Optimism
Nihilistic Contempt For Optimism

You don’t exist, you live only in my head
Someday soon to the fires of ambition you’ll be fed

You will burn and fuel the flame that turns all to hate
Where as a memory you will remain…

I have no remorse for that which is dead
For all that has lived was born in my head…

I gave it substance, the will to be
When I take it back, it just returns to me.

This illusion of being is just a façade
Realities just a word
Truth just my lie
there is nothing real
no answers to any questions of why…

Your past never existed but the future is clear
When I am gone you will all disappear
Back to the emptiness from whence you came
Beyond reality for reality’s just a name
The illusion and the truth are both one and the same
You are all just thoughts
Caught in my mind for a time
You are all just pieces
The whole is mine. MINE!
Track Name: The Dragon Has Come To Blot Out The Stars
Dark ages have come once again
Bring us the black flame to light our way
We shall follow, we shall obey
The ways of chaos
return universe to abyss
Extermination of existence,

dark eons have come once again
Old gods return from black abyss,

From void to void the beginning reversed
The ending come to pass
we the strong the elite
Our will to power to non existence
back to the past
were time is nothing
where matter is irrelevant

The old gods have come
the seventh seal is opened
we hold the keys
the blackest hate is unleashed
The black flame burns bright
reign of the infernal
eclipse now eternal

In the darkest abyss of space
the fabric of time and matter unravels and collapses in on itself.

Our cities shall lie in ruins
our great civilizations fallen to disgrace
life has no meaning to the cosmic disorder
chaos beyond imagining
beyond human comprehension
imploding from the beyond
the end become the beginning
reversal of the order
unmaking of creation
the Dragon has come to blot out the stars
To unmake the beginning!
The orbits decay
drawing together dust and rock
matter colliding
black hole rising
draw in a breath of cosmic debris
beyond space and time
removal of reality
the dragon has come to reverse the beginning

a wave of colors across the sky brilliant explosions great us as we die there is no remorse no pain left to feel this beauty beyond imagining grasps our minds entirely the sounds of destruction blow our hearing completely the sights are blinding yet burnt in our minds the last thought of mankind is to die with this sight is to die fulfilled.
The dragon has come and blotted out the stars
Track Name: Evolution Beyond The Species
There will come a time when all shall be called upon to prove their relevance
Are you worthy of life or deserving of death
No longer can the weak and scared control the destinies of the strong and willful
No longer will the lion be stalked by the lamb
The time has come for an evolution beyond the species
It is time to raise the flag of superiority
To tear down the boundaries of morality
In the name of the ubermensch MARCH
What you call arrogance we know as relevance
We shall reshape your world in our image
Create a new species with unbridled ambition
Using eurogenetics to breed perfection
Create a new race beyond color and nationality
Destroy this illusion make our ideals a reality
Will to power through strength arise
Birth of the ubermensch through mankind’s demise
Stand in the way of the future and the future will crush you in its wake
Restore our honour and pride
To rage on the outside yet be calm inside
Strengthen our resolve with justified disgust
Listen to our instincts and in ourselves trust
Let no truth go unquestioned
Let no question go unanswered
To seek clarity in this worlds insanity
To find perfection of mind and body
Will to power in the new age of reason
Cowards and peacemongers we’ll hang you for treason
Stand in the way of the future and the future will crush you in its wake
Resequence the genome to create superiority
Recreate reason make our ideals a reality
The future is what we make it to be
Darwin’s theories prey returned to inferiority
Creation of Nietzsche’s ideals through science no reality
Hail Ubermensch Hail Ubermensch
So what makes one superior
Strength of mind strength of will
What makes one superior
Strength of body and ambitions to fulfill
What makes us superior
We have the ambition to achieve perfection
What makes us superior
We have the will to make it so
What makes one superior
A pride that cannot be broken
What makes us superior
An honour that need not be spoken
What makes us superior
We have the ambition to achieve perfection
What makes us superior
We have the will to make it so!
Track Name: Ubermensch
What was once one species now two divide
Left in the wake a river of blood ages wide
The wounds we have left shall never heal
The mark of our rising shall forever your fate seal
Our birth is the catalyst of renewal
Our strength is equal to our hate
Our voice is the sound of thunder
As we proclaim your fate
The is the birth of a new age
This is the future of mankind

Across eons of time we’ve made our mark
In the brightest of days there will always be the dark
We walk through destruction with annihilation in mind
When we are done not even corpses will anyone find
Ground to dust beneath our will of steel
our army marches forward with death at its heel

Till the end of time they shall feel our wrath
Till the sun is gone and all goes black
Till pain is all and the weak pray to die
Till there heavens burn and ashes choke the sky
We are the Ubermensch bringers of strength and power
Before our will the weak shall always cower
We are the future we crush what before us does stand
With iron ambition we shall reshape this land
We are as war we shall erase the disease
We are a new species who upon weakness feeds
For this is the birth of a new age
There is the future of mankind

We are coming a black dawn
Stand with us March beside us
Their time is over ours has just begun rise and stand beside us let us march as one. Legion!
The past is dust their future is dead now is ours let the weak be bled!

The time of transformation is upon us accept what you are and become what you can be!
Track Name: A Knife To the Throat of Life
Drop the bomb cure the disease!

May the future be drowned in blood till its last dying gasp fades into the nothingness of eternity
Track Name: 7 Billion Dead And Hung
The tree of life grown strong with death
grows ever upwards to the only space that’s left,
Tearing open the stomachs of clouds as they fly by,
through these holes the heavens in ashes cry,
weeping for their flock as they hanging die!
Upon the hill of Gomorrah the last man stands
amidst an ocean of blood that falls from his hands.
He holds the instruments weapons held with pride
up to the heavens that in silence abide.
7 billion Abels he has reaped as Cain
Silencing their screams, again and again.
He was the first as he is be the last
Through countless hosts his spirit has passed
He is the hate that drives the hand that moves the mouth that conquers all lands
He is legion for he has been many
He is the embodiment of hate!
He speaks in tongues
In the sinews of the mind
Creating this final masterpiece
He has for centuries designed!
With absolute certainty he stands
Staring up at death with a rope in his hands.
With a smile on his face he hangs himself in self styled grace.
In self styled grace he hangs! .

Beside his corpse 7 billion corpses swing in the breeze
hanging like bloated misshapen leaves.
The tree of life its every branch full
grows ever more limbs to stand the pull.
Upon the highest bows the holy hang in rows
their blood flows like holy water baptizing those below.
These men, women and children all hang side by side,
dead and rotted they now in Hell reside!

From the body of Cain, his spirit now descends
from the top of the tree to its roots ends
from corpse to corpse the spirit of Cain does spread
removing imperfections it resurrects the dead
creating perfection one body at a time
creating a new species to its design.
Only through death can life be reborn
And in each person the spirit of Cain will remain
to safeguard against weakness in case he must come again.
To kill again to cleanse again and again and again

The tree of life its branches now bear
waits for a new spring for new leaves to appear…

and the spirit of Cain sees fit to rise again to start the cycle again
till perfection is attained till perfection is retained!
Track Name: Into Black Abyss
Track Name: The Approaching Storm
Through crusades the priests did come
Forcing their god on everyone
Burning non believers on stakes on fire
Preaching love as the flames grow higher
Raping pagan faith in the lies they tell
They turned Hel into Hell
Turning pagan gods into the devil

They build their churches on sacred land
Now they wonder why only burnt timbers are left to stand

We march beside our kin
In the midst of the horde
To die with honor with blood on our sword

We walk the path though lands of old through violence unseen and suffering untold
We shall see the wraiths of our ancestors raise their swords up high
to salute our return as the sound of trumpets fill the sky
Our enemies shall cower before us as above us a black cloud approaches
a thousand thousand raven’s wings
shall beat a war drum
letting all know that we come
a thousand grey wolves shall lead the charge
and our years of pain shall be heard in their cries!
May your churches burn and your temples crumble we are the future
the past reborn in flame!